Make your wedding dance memorable

Discounted packages for Wedding dance choreography are available in groups of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30.
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Janet and Brian

We asked Pantea to help us choreograph a dance for our wedding. Going into it, Brian knew the salsa back basic and one simple turn, but not much else. The first lesson started with the cross body lead and, from there, things took off like a rocket. Over the course of a few months and 20 or so highly effective lessons, Brian went from having one basic move to over 10 intermediate sequences, each

consisting of several moves. Pantea is an exceptional teacher who gave great explanations and demonstrations, and, most importantly, could immediately pinpoint exactly what you needed to correct. This made progress from basic to intermediate both quick and super fun. We loved our lessons and always looked forward to the next one! In addition, Pantea obviously took time to think through what choreography would fit our style, and helped create a fun dance especially for the two of us. We had a fabulous time dancing at our wedding, and our guests enjoyed the dance so much that several of them said they were going to take some salsa classes too!

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Racheal and Ben

We have been dancing as students of Pantea since 2008.  We immediately loved her approach- she is a beautiful dancer who can break down the steps into easily learned moves for people of all skill levels in both private and group settings. Even though she has so many students, she always made us feel special and that we had a personal relationship with her. She is patient and so warm and friendly! When we got engaged, we knew right away we wanted her to choreograph our wedding dance. We had a blast working with her! She came up with a fresh, creative routine and helped us pick a unique song we loved. We had a wonderful wedding day from start to finish, and our original dance routine and song was a huge part of that! We caníŽt thank Pantea enough for all she has taught us! We highly recommend her; she is a great teacher.




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