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Pantea's comment: Ballroom Connection has been my favorite place to buy dance shoes for years. They have great brands, great styles of shoes with great comfort,
that are long lasting, that are flexible and easy to arch with a stable heel. Also may place special orders of your favored color for your dance shoes, & not to mention the very kind and helpful staff. ;-) Ballroom connection also carries Dance sneakers, which I highly recommend for my Salsa Aerobics workshop. ;-)

Ballroom Connection now carries my favorite dance sneaker at their store!! WooHOOOoooooo!!!! Please note: If you are taking my Salsa Aerobics workshops regularly on Saturdays, it's essential for you to wear the right footwear, and not just for looks. This dance sneaker, which has a smoother sole that can easily glide and pivot across the dance floor, versus an athletic shoe with heavy traction that could tweak the joints, really protects your body against injuries. Another big advantage to this style is the no-lace toggle design, so it's easy to get this shoe on and off. Check out Patrick & myself modeling them for you in this picture. :)

If you are looking for a great Personal Trainer, don't look further. Dr. Jake Havenar is passionate about motivating others to reach their unique fitness and sports performance goals to maximize performance and enjoyment through body and mind. For the past 10 years, Jake has worked privately as a coach, motivational speaker and consultant. His experience includes athletes of all ages and fitness levels. Jake also has extensive experience coaching and training those who compete in endurance sports.

A few words from Dr. Jacob Havenar:
"We know that strength and conditioning is a vital component of overall health. In addition to general fitness, sports/movement specific training is necessary to keep you injury free and continually increase your performance capability. I have enjoyed working with the growing number of dancers of all abilities and disciplines who consider strength and conditioning an integral supplement to their dancing activity.

The following link to my bio provides further information on my background and philosophy If you have any questions or would like to talk more feel free to call 602-320-7335 or email

Jacob Havenar Ph.D., M.C., H.F.S." (in Mountain View)
Pantea's comment: Beautiful Spa, beautiful staff, beautiful experience, simply experience it for yourself; treat yourself for one or more of their many nurturing wellness treatments and massages :-)

Hair Stylist
(in Santa Clara)
For beautification, I swear by my hair stylist: Ferri @ Casual Cuts Hair Salon @ 5225 Stevens Creek Blvd Santa Clara, CA 95051. She does the most amazing job on hair, from color, to highlights, to hair cuts... and everything
else to do with hair. Her contact info: 408-460-7901.

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