My philosophy on partner dancing / 10 point connection inspection:

1. Connect with your partner >
compression / resistance / tone in the arm

2. Connect with your partner >
eye contact / engage your partner

3. Connect with the music >
learn the timing /stay on the beat / dance to the music / accent the music

4. Connect with the floor >
use the floor, use your push off steps / break steps

5. Connect with other people >
connect with the social aspect of dancing > make lots of friends/
meet your future husband/wife

6. Connect with the pleasure of dancing >
learn a new skill / great relaxation/ great fun

7. Connect with the freedom of dancing >
become creative in your dancing, create your own style

8. Connect with the fitness aspect of dancing >
great exercise, keep the pounds off

9. Connect with the therapeutic aspect of dancing >
release all tension, great relaxation, build confidence

10. Connect with your checkbook >
Just kidding... hehe